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What is EBSCOhost

The EBSCOhost is a platform that lets you search and uses thousands of eBooks and hundreds of online magazines and journals.

See also EBSCO's online help and tutorials.

Login to the EBSCOhost

All content on EBSCOhost is covered by a license agreement. This means access is restricted to current students and staff. If you are on campus you are automatically logged into the EBSCOhost. Off campus you may need to enter your school email as username and password.

The EBSCOhost databases are located on the ACK Library homepage, A to Z databases list. In the A to Z databases list you will see the name of the database, a brief description of what it contains.

On or after Nov. 5, 2019, users of EBSCOhostEBSCO Discovery Service and Explora will notice an enhanced video panel appearing in search results. In addition to offering a cleaner, more modern look and feel, this update will enable users to enjoy a more consistent and reliable searching and video-viewing experience. Additionally, it will allow EBSCO more flexibility to bring you enhanced video functionality in the future.

Browsing Videos

  1. Conduct a search from the home page. If videos related to your search terms are available, the video carousel will appear between the second and third records on your search results page.

  2. Click the View all results link to see all videos related to your search. Note: The video AN field code is not searchable in Explora.

  3. From the Video Results page, you can sort results by Relevance, Oldest or Newest video using the drop-down menu on the right. Results will update automatically.

  4. You can also further refine your results by Date range using the options on the left. Select a pre-determined date range to view refreshed results or enter a Custom range and click the Apply Custom range button to update your results.

  5. Click the video title or the thumbnail to view the video and detailed record.

    The detailed record page includes details about the video, citation information, as well as a story line, shot list and transcript when available.

    Note: Only text associated with the Video Detail Record can be printed, emailed or saved. The video itself cannot be emailed, saved or shared. Persistent links to videos are not available at this time.


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