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ACK Library

Welcome to the Assumption College Library

Through the ACK Library print and online collections, students at Assumption College enjoy access to a wide range of resources.

  • Borrowing information: Find out more information about how to access the Library's resources.
  • Book Club: Book Club is a great opportunity for students to discover new books and authors and have fun. There have been a lot of friendships made through Book Club too. We meet approximately three times a term and each meeting involves an enjoyable activity related to reading and books.
  • Purchase Requests: We welcome suggestions for new titles which are suitable for our Library Collection.
  • Room Bookings: Library room bookings are available for students,  teachers and classes.
  • Subject guides: Individual subject guides are available. We can also produce guides to support topics, units or subjects.

Reading 4 Life

Reading is both fun and rewarding. It is a great way to relax. It also helps you with learning in every subject area. While you escape into another world, your brain is being trained for the future.

Commit to reading more this year. To make this easy always have some books around you. Keep a list of what you'd like to read and read anything you enjoy!

If you are not sure what to read next, you can simply click here or see one of the friendly Library staff. We all love reading and are happy to suggest books you could read.


  • Fiction books: These are stories created from imagination. (Fiction books are organised by the first three letters of the author's surname)
  • Non-Fiction books: These contain factual or true information. (Non-Fiction books are organised by subject according to the Dewey system)
  • Manga, Graphic Novels and Picture books.
  • Magazines and today's Newspapers
  • There are also board games and card games for use in the Library.

Library expectations

The Library is for reading, research, homework and relaxing. You can talk quietly. It is a good idea to come to the Library with a positive purpose. This might be playing chess or reading a book. It could be playing a game of UNO with a friend or studying for a test.


While all students are welcome in the library,  you cannot eat or drink here, or bring food or drinks with you.


Before and after school you must sign into the Library at the Help Desk. If you are sent to the Library by your teacher during class time, you must also sign in at the Help Desk. Remember there will always be friendly Library staff to help you so if you are not sure, just ask!

We ask that everyone in the Library treats others with courtesy and respect. Be aware of others around you and their needs. If you are concerned, speak to the friendly Library staff.

The Library follows Marist Principles and the rules of Assumption College, Kilmore.

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