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Library: Google Search Options

by Anne Fraser

Search tips

Google Videos

Google Products

Google Maps

Searching for cities, countries, and street addresses is well known to Google Maps users. However, you can also search for key terms like “museums.” Once your search results come up you can filter by ratings that have been left by other Google Maps users. You can even find directions and traffic reports from a general area.

Google Advanced Search

Google Alerts

Google Alerts brings the latest of the web right to you. You can set up custom search terms and whenever a website, blog post, or news article matches the phrase you’ve set up you will be alerted via email. Students sometimes use this to monitor their own digital footprint because they are alerted if their name ever pops up on the web.

Google Developers

Google Image

Google News

Google News brings you the latest news on topics from around the world - a great resource for debates, forensics, or just keeping up with what’s going on. Top news stories are listed and there are category filters for you to personalize your results to the topics that interest you.

Google blogs

Google Custom Search

Google Scholar

Google Books

Sometimes your students may need to quickly reference part of a book that isn’t in your school library. Google Books allows you to search for books you may want to purchase or that are freely available on the Internet.

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