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Library: Library Mission Statement

mission statement


            The charism of St Marcellin’s five pillars form the structural foundation and operational practices of the College.  Educating young people from diverse backgrounds forms our core student body.  In Marist tradition respectful relationships are high in our priority to model, reinforce and celebrate.  The provision of an innovative, relevant and supportive learning environment by all staff ensures each student receives a sound academic education.  Giving direction to the curriculum is an emphasis on Christian principles and action within the spirit of St. Marcellin.

We are a prestigious sporting school and this exemplifies our commitment to support the development of the whole student. Our students receive instruction in values and priorities which assist them to become committed positive young people, able to take their place in a society to which they will contribute in a willing and confident manner.

The Purpose of this Virtual Library

This library has been designed as a central location for ‘relevant’ websites and tools necessary for the 21s centenary educator and learner at Assumption College Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.

Other libraries and librarians are able to view this site for ‘professional purposes’ and may use the site to guide, direct and inform them regarding ‘relevant websites and tools’ for their learning community.  The college asks that acknowledgements be made if necessary. To share and support others is a fundamental Marist value.

  The creation of this Virtual Library meets with ALIA Standards for Australian Secondary Schools.

Links are made to external websites that are available:

  •  freely for educators and students to use. 


  •  or have been paid for by the College and are password protected. Assumption College students can obtain the password from the library staff.


  • through recommendation from other Library Professionals such as SLAV, State Library of Victoria, CLANS and International Leaders in Information Technology and Virtual Libraries.

These websites have been reviewed and at the time of adding their link to the  sites were deemed relevant. Assumption College has no control over these websites and carries no responsibility to their operations as they are external from the college. These websites will be reviewed annually.

Any concerns regarding the websites on  are to be raised with the Director of Information and Library Resources Mrs Anne Fraser, .


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Ms. Joyce Valenza Teacher Librarian of Springfield Library, USA (2011)

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Multimedia educationalist Ms.Kylie Buttigieg, Assumption College Kilmore (2011)

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(entered 18th October 2011)